Shine on diamond eyes

No matter what they say, i'll always wait

♥ Well its love, make it hurt.
♥ Hot
Coffee, friends, mall, movies, emo, john deere, greenish colors, shawny hinkel // tps, napoleon dynamite,
blink 182 [who will come back], black & red hair, strawberry anything, cute pjs, starbucks, hott guys in
movies, the notebook, cute tees, low risers, seeing bands play, ashton kutcher, pics, long late nite
convos on aim, insiders, really hot summers, the beach, getting tan, cute flip flops, watermelon, scarfs,
sea world, shannons random comments, volleyball, talking on the phone, grubbin w. boriana, grapefruit,
the Y, palm trees, computers, belts, cute sweaters, listening + singing oldies songs w. alli & other
friends =D, cute little babies, the dells, driving curtis insane, shoes, italian food, chinese buffets,
massages, talking with my best guy friends, skating, viva la bam, full house, creamy colors, 7th heaven,
soup, parties

♥ Not
Annoying guys, stalkers, annoying birds, shitty music, doing the garbage, scary dogs, cats that follow you
everywhere, being alone, breakouts, periods [hah], bitchy friends, ugly colors, aim profiles (with the
character thing), my dad, slow computers, posers, winter, people judging people, big fat cats, no
profiles, how i look in the morning, bad hair days, the color yellowish/poopish/brownish {all together},
the smell of smoke [cigarettes], holes in socks, being concieded, jellyfish, sharks, cat litter, smelly
dogs, science class, mrs. klewer, bitchy parents, hangnails, thats all for now

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